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Using Meditation Apps for Relaxation

New meditation applications are abundant. These apps claim to help somebody with relaxation, stress relief, and TMJ Treatment. Insight Timer is available for both iis OS and Android and has a huge library of content with 2,600 teachers on stress management, relationships, creativity and more, that you can access. The home screen will tell you how many meditations are going on today and how many people are meditating right now. Insight Timer has more than 5 million people meditating attracted to it. You can set your location to see the meditators near by. You can find a teacher you like such as Jack Kornfield or you can set up a quieter meditation without narration to meditate around intermittent bells or chimes.

The Headspace application available for iOS makes meditation and sleep possible with hundreds of themed meditation on everything from stress and sleep to focus or anxiety. There are bite-sized meditations for busy schedules. There are even SOS meditations to prevent meltdowns. Daily meditation is shown to heal stress by making the meditator settle down to breath. Mindfulness meditation helps improve focus, as well as attention spans, with an ability to ignore distractions.

The app Stop, Breathe and Think available for iOS and Android has a section called Learn to Meditate that actually explains the process of meditation and its benefits. Each day you have to check in with yourself to rate your mind and body on a scale of “rough” to “great.” This application helps people who need to understand why they are meditating in order to see how the meditation process will benefit them in the long run. This application has short meditations that run to 15 minutes. In our hectic lifestyle, people only have so much time to earn the cute stickers this application lets the user collect.

The Calm application is able to be used with iOS and Android, for free but has a $59.99 annual subscription, which is worth it. The Calm application is rated app of the year in 2017 by Apple only because the meditations are 25 in total with times ranging from a 3-minute meditation to a half an hour sit. For nighttime relaxation, there are seven free sleep stories for adults. The average American adult gets around 7 hours sleep if they work full time. This is why there needs to be such thing as work-life balance.

An application called 10% Happier is available for iOS and Android with a $99.99 annual fee. This app is a meditation for fidgety skeptics, which is a no nonsense, or metaphysical anything way of relating to the concept of meditation. Dan Harris, an anchor who had a panic attack on the air, which is what made him look at meditation, will be your tour guide using this application. Some meditation applications require more experience than others, as some applications are designed with newcomers in mind. Skeptics are welcome to try the applications to see if they come away with new knowledge on how to meditate.

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Calendar Apps for Appointments

If your business is run by client appointments, you don’t have to figure it out manually anymore, let an appointment scheduling app do the work for you.

With these apps, clients can schedule themselves through your Facebook page, business website or wherever the technology is supported. They can book, cancel or reschedule appointments. All you will need to do is find an app that is specific to your business.

These apps use customer appointment management (CAM) software for scheduling appointments. The main function is to schedule appointments automatically.

Once you find the app for your type of business, you will need to set specifics for your business. Based on your hours, you will need to input when the customer can make the appointments. You will never have over booking or double booking again.

Appointment scheduling software helps get new customers and keep the ones you have. A large percentage of people would rather schedule appointments online. You can use this to your advantage by marketing your services with the software. It’s very convenient for the customers to make appointments, they can do it anytime, not just during business hours.

It can enhance revenue. You don’t have to pay employees to stop their work to schedule appointments.

You can minimize no-shows. The software automatically sends reminders to customers. Some apps even allow customers to confirm their appointments.

The type of software that you need depends on the size of your business.

Desktop apps are licensed and installed on the users hardware. They can be customized, but they don’t usually offer an online portal. The user is responsible for supporting, maintaining and upgrading the app.

Web based systems (SaaS) are a hosted software solution. Customers can schedule their appointments over the web. Large mobile workforces are automatically routed for their home service appointments. It can forecast a technician’s arrival, making it easier to inform the customer of more exact times.

The best appointment scheduling apps let you customize different aspects.

• Flexibility. It’s apparent that all businesses have different needs. If you need a menu of services or to specify a certain location.

• Calendar Syncing. Some apps require that you sync with a calendar. You can see your important information alongside your scheduled appointments.

• Payment Processing. Possibly you have a parent sending their child for a cleaning at the Houston dentist. The parent would prefer to pay upfront instead of having the child pay. The app will allow you to set it where the customer can make a payment at the time of booking.

• Price. Most appointment scheduling apps have a free trial period for you to use it before you decide to buy it. Free apps will have less features than paid apps. Plans start at only $25 per month.

• Ease Of Use. If the app is going to be scheduling all of your appointments, it should be fairly easy for the customer, as well as the employee, to use.

• Client-facing features. The client should be able to review and change their appointments as needed. Also, some software offers automated reminders.

• Customer relationship management (CRM) features. Some software has chat and email features. All booking software needs reminders.

• Integrations. You’ll want software that integrates marketing tools, website platforms and personal calendars.

Be sure to test your system. You will want to see how the settings appear to your customers. Also, it’s important to make sample appointments so that your employees become familiar with the booking process. The settings for both can be changed if needed.

Don’t launch your scheduling system too quickly. Before you can allow customers to start booking appointments, make sure that everything is configured properly.

Several software vendors have discontinued free booking software. With services being offered at such an affordable price, they have found that they are not making the revenue they need to offer free customer support and system upgrades like they need.